How To Choose The Color Of Your Scarf / Hijab

How to Choose the Color Of Your Scarf / Hijab

So how long have you been wearing the Hijab? Days, months, or years? If it’s been only some days or months, your mind must be cluttered with a thousand questions. How to choose a scarf color, which scarfs’ style is yours,what hijab material is the best for winters, which hijab design matches your outfit, and a lot more. Since your scarf style reflects your personality, you should not compromise at all. We are here for all your questions!

Yes, a hijab adorns your elegance, and you should never limit it to some colors. In fact, the more hijab colors, the better. It won’t be wrong if we say having a wardrobe where hijabs are more than your actual outfits is a different kind of satisfaction. Many of you might even relate!

How Hijab Color Matching Works?

Do you think a vast collection of Hijabs is enough? Can you pair any color with any outfit? Despite the color of your dress, your skin tone, the season, and the occasion? Well, we have been into your shoes and know how devastating it is when it comes down to choosing a scarf color that compliments your overall look.

You may know the most popular scarf colors, but the question is, are they meant for you?! The bold and dark colors flaunt lighter skin tones, solid-colored scarf with the same colored outfit reflects sophistication, and printed scarves allure the look of a solid-colored dress. Not just these, there are a lot more minor details which you often miss and then wonder where it went wrong.

Tips For Choosing YOUR Hijab Color

To flaunt your look, we want you to focus on all those matters. Your comfort and confidence come above all. Have you noticed how someday a hijab color combination uplifts your confidence? Because you feel satisfied in that aura, the colors you are wearing, and the perfect scarf style.

The skin tones, seasons, occasions, and outfits, every factor creates an impact on choosing a hijab color. Let’s dig into the most common factors!

Considering Skin Tones

We believe in feeling proud and owning the skin tone you have. For slaying your hijab look with the right scarf color, let’s consider the three basic skin tones.

Hijab Colors For Light Skin Tone

Hijabis having lighter skin tones can go a long way with bright and bold colors. Sapphire, emerald green, orchid, cobalt blue, violet, red, shades of pink, yellow, and grey can be your brightest hijab color choices. And if you’re more of a sophisticated type, try going for the bold colors like black, maroon, royal blue, or other darker shades.

However, some colors make your features look dull, and you are not allowed to wear them. Maybe you already have beige and camel-colored scarves, but it’s time to buy some new ones.

Hijab Colors For Dark Skin Tone

Women with dark skin tones can carry the most popular scarf colors flawlessly. We would recommend you doing experiments with different hijab color combinations, especially with the shades of white and light grey. And then decide which one’s truly yours.

Hijab Colors For Medium Skin Tone

The medium skin tones get the advantage of trying hijab colors for both light and dark tones. You can choose hijab colors in neutral, bright, or bold shades. The hijab color for medium skin like Beige and camel colors look gorgeous. A formal touch with a black, blue, or maroon shade makes you stand out from the crowd.

A piece of advice for the medium skin toned women is to be careful with light or pastel colors. They might overshadow your features.

Considering the Outfit

What a struggle it is to choose a hijab color that perfectly matches your outfit! A good hijab day is all we want, but we usually end up in the chaos of figuring out the color combination and its matching.

Let’s cope up with that bad luck!

Solid Colored Outfits

Solid colors open up a list of options for choosing a scarf. You can go with printed patterns (floral, stripes, checks, polka dots, or whatever you like), solid color in contrast, like beige with a pink dress, or black with red. Other options can be a lighter, darker, or the same colored hijab.

Printed Outfits

As you decide to wear a printed outfit, keep in mind that you better stay away from the printed scarves. It’s not about the colors but the pattern that can mess up your overall look. Try searching your wardrobe for light or dark shades of the colors in your outfit.

The most popular scarf colors like black, white, and beige can be your go-to options. And just in case you’re stuck with printed hijabs only, try fusing them with some solid colored blazer or a jacket.

Considering the Occasions

Okay, so you can wear any colored hijab in a family gathering but not in an office meeting. Formal wear comes with certain limitations. The casual hijab colors can be any, lively and bright ones, bold or dark ones. While, the formals are inclined more towards bold, neutral, and dark colors only.

Casual Hijab Colors

Color inspiration for your everyday outfits is hectic, but not that much. For the easiest option, we would recommend you to set your hands on the most popular hijab colors (Black, white, beige, green, blue, red, and yellow).

Formal Hijab Colors

Formal hijab colors are mostly solid that add elegance to your attire. A classic black, grey, maroon, royal blue, brown, white, olive green, and beige colors complement the formal look like none other.Hijab colors for olive skin making sharp effect  And if it is for a wedding, try going for different-colored embroidered scarves.

Ready for Choosing a Hijab Color?

Every woman has a unique personality. Some admire sophistication, some prefer the funky look, while others find comfort in being bold. Choosing the hijab color and coordinating it with your personality is not as easy as others think. Only you can relate to all the struggles, right? We know it’s not easy to keep experimenting with colors, neither is it affordable. But we hope our guide on how to choose a hijab color will help you in at least visualizing how your hijab collection should be. After this, you can plan on spending money on worthy hijab colors that will actually suit you.

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