Latest Abaya Style and Designs in Pakistan 2021

Latest Abaya Style and Designs

Abaya is a modest form of dressing Muslim women wear to cover their bodies. Initially, women living in Saudia Arabia, Iraq, Oman, UAE, Qatar, and other Middle Eastern countries, including India and Pakistan, used to prefer a simple, black, maxi-like dress called the abaya. But with time, these simple abaya designs transformed into more pleasing and popular wear all around the world.

Latest Abaya Style and Designs

Living in Pakistan, we see how abaya has become a part of the growing fashion industry. Designers are working on the latest abaya styles for 2021 and have given this sophisticated wear a new look. You see blue, pink, beige, maroon, and many other coloured abayas, and we want you to be familiar with what’s in style these days.

This blog is precisely to shed light on the latest abaya styles and designs in the Pakistani market. Take a look and elevate your wardrobe accordingly.

1. Butterfly Abayas

Butterfly abayas are an inspiration from kaftan-style dresses popularly known from the era of the Ottoman Empire. These abayas are loose gowns covering your whole body and giving an elegant look like none other. The extended sleeves make them perfect for any formal occasion. Designers have started infusing embellishments and embroidered flairs in these simple abaya designs, making them even classier. You can find them in various colors or even minimalist prints. If made out of silk, the fabric falls perfectly over your body.

2. Front Open Abaya

There was a time when front open abayas were the top among the simple abaya designs in the Pakistani market. These gowns are easy to carry (style wise) with a v-neckline and button-downs (or zip ups) in front. Some have floral embroidery giving it an even classier look than the plain textured fabric. These abayas are lightweight and look flawless when in silk or jersey fabric. Some designers use net on the upper body part or eye-catching laces in the middle.

3. Airline Abaya

Airline abayas are beautifully flared outfits women can wear even in formal functions. Many of us prefer a veil, and it gets challenging to dress up for any wedding function. Airline abayas come in different embroidered patterns, and by adding some ornamental embellishments, you can transform them into any occasion-based outfit. With v-shaped, perfectly falling long sleeves, these abayas get all the attention. By contrasting them with heavily embellished hijabs, you can elevate the look even more.

4. Straight Abaya

The Straight abaya is another hit from the past and still overruling abaya styles in 2021. The straight sleeves and cut elevate the sophistication of your fashion statement. PoshnLuxe has this beautiful abaya in cotton crepe fabric that keeps you comfortable as long as have to wear it. These are most suitable for college, university, and office-going women. Detailing makes it a little more formal, so it is up to you to wear it differently.

5. Front-Closed Abaya

Front-closed abayas are the most suitable for casual occasions. It has extended sleeves similar to butterfly abayas and embroidery on shoulders, sleeves, and upper body parts. You can contrast the scarf with the basic embroidery of this simple abaya design. They look graceful with silk or jersey fabric; you can purchase this silk abaya with a black scarf at our online store.

6. Formal Embellished Abaya

There is a separate category for formal abayas at Posh n Luxe. You can always get your hand on a fancy embroidered butterfly or airline abaya, but these formal embellished ones are specifically designed for a comfortable yet subtle wedding touch. With pearls, gold stripes detailing, straight sleeves, and slightly gauzy fabric, you can complement your light-colored outfits and add value to your look.


Whether you want to have an abaya with a veil or a basic scarf, our recommended abaya styles in 2021 will admire your fashion perfectly. You can find butterfly abayas, front-open, front-closed, airline, straight, and formal, all among the top designer’s collections. Yet, to complete the look, you can browse through our website further and find a matching scarf for your daily wear and formals. We have a complete range, from under scarves to shawls. And oh, if you are a bride-to-be, we have a wide range of fancy embroidered hijabs to fulfill your modesty requirements. Shop with us now and upgrade your wardrobe with the latest and simple abaya designs in the Pakistani market.

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