Sophisticated Ways to Wear an Embroidered Shawl

Muslims have always had a unique norm when it comes to their dresses. Clothes for men have been following the same custom for a long time now, but if we talk about women’s dresses, there has always been a vague variety of women’s attire in the market. If we put ourselves in the shoes of a woman, what would we look to wear? That sounds like a tricky question indeed, as women are a versatile creation of God who seeks beauty and is attracted to every charming outfit.

Shawls, Dupatta, and Hijab, are Pakistani women and girls; however, there is also a trend of shawls in men. If we focus on shawls today, we assume a piece of dull color cloth that would ruin the whole attire instead of featuring it. But what if we prove you wrong? What if the shawls are the only reason people admire your outfit? Sounds impossible, right?

The purpose of wearing a shawl is to act as a hijab for women and make them look fancy. People have a myth that shawls can only be wrapped in winters but not summers, but what if we tell you that shawls can be worn in summers as well. Consider yourself lucky as PoshnLuxe is offering a whole new variety of shawls in Pakistan with a vague variety of texture and clothing material that can represent your sophisticated personality in summers as well as winters with a touch of glamour, so what are you waiting for? Visit their website and order your embroidered Shawl now:

There has always been a very lofty competition between the well-known brands over Western dresses. Still, some new brands are spreading traditional eastern culture in Pakistan repeatedly with a trendy touch. The conventional eastern communication revolves around embroidered clothing which can make you look charming as always.

Do you know how to wear a shawl? This may sound like an odd question, but did you know that you don’t always have to buy a new shawl to look different, but also you can try the different ways of wearing a shawl? Want to know how? Well, a shawl can always be twisted around the neck, giving a long fall on the right shoulder or your both shoulders, or you could also follow the fashion of turning it around your arms while you walk.

However, there are different ways to wear a shawl on multiple occasions you wish to attend, as you could always wrap it around your neck or cinch it around your waist. Tying a knot of your Shawl at your back wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. And you can always wear your embroidered Shawl with your casual outfit. Want to know more creative ways to wear a shawl? Well, keep on reading to find out some new trends of wearing a shawl in Pakistan.


Creative Styles to Wear a Shawl

The Custom way:

This way has been a timeless trend for decades now. You could wear a shawl on your traditional Kurtis, ethnic suits, and sarees giving yourself a classic elegant look.

Replace your Dupatta:

If you’re wearing a shawl in summers, then you definitely wouldn’t want to double coat yourself by wearing a dupatta and a shawl. You could always replace your dupatta with your embroidered Shawl to give yourself a trendy new look, or if you’re wearing it in winter, then switching to a shawl would keep you warm while taking care of your looks. That will be two birds with one arrow!

As a Scarf:

You could always wear your Shawl by wrapping it around your neck like a scarf. You can wear a jacket or western casuals to add wings to your glamourous look.

As a cape:

Take your Shawl and drop it across your shoulders while holding its ends in your hands at the front. Take a few safety pins if you want to close the gap.

By using a Belt:

One of the unique ways to wear a shawl can be to take a belt and tie it around your waist while wrapping the Shawl over your shoulders. This could be a fancy good look for winters.

As a Shrug:

Let’s be super creative and replace our shrugs with shawls for a trendy look. Follow the following steps to know-how:

  • Choose a Shawl to wear
  • Bring the end of your Shawl to the middle and tie a knot on the longer side
  • Repeat the process on the other long end of the Shawl as well
  • Put your arms through the holes which you made by tying the knots on the longer sides

Hoodie Style:

If you have a casual walk, then your Shawl must be causing problems as it slips with every breeze, but the creative solution can be to wrap your Shawl around your head like a hoodie cover that would save your hair from your hair rough breezes while freeing your hands.


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You might be thinking of ordering an embroidered shawl for yourself in Pakistan after knowing these intelligent and creative ways of wrapping it. Consider yourself lucky as PoshnLuxe is offering its best quality embroidered shawls for you at an affordable range of prices. So what are you waiting for? Order your Shawl now.

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