Top Hijab Styles to Make a Fashion Statement in 2022!

Dresses are like windows that give a sneak peek of your tastes, faith, and views. And, being a Muslim, the way we carry ourselves speaks volumes about our personality and modesty. Without the shadow of a doubt, Islamic wear like abayas and scarves has evolved a lot in the past few decades. The best part is that now Muslim women can wear fashion and modesty altogether because online hijab shopping in Pakistan has advanced a lot.

The Online Scarf Shopping in Pakistan Made Easy With These Extravagant Ideas Of Hijabs!

Glitter hijab

A golden hijab that has gold threads beautifies the look of any Muslim lady who wants to remain modest yet stylish. Undoubtedly, it does give a majestic glimpse. Be it any event, you can wear it without any hesitation. It is perfect for both formal and informal occasions. You can pair the scarf with the same-colored outfit as well as with pain outfits. More so, you can team your glitter hijab with butterfly abayas, and believe us, this combination will be a sure head-turner. If you are thinking about the Butterfly Abaya Price in Pakistan, don’t fear getting your pocket holed. As they come in highly accessible price points.

Before moving on, keep in mind the hijab wrap you prefer, and at the end analyze it with your face shape. Do not stop considering your features, you’ll know when we are talking about you!

Ripple hijab

For sprucing up the way you carry your hijab, ripple hijab is the one you should go for. The scarf’s material is usually cotton, making the fabric feel soft on the skin. People who deal with allergies find this opinion their ally as they feel safe throughout the day while carrying off the ripple hijab.
The ripple hijabs come in an assortment of colors, typically in red, orange, blue, peach, white, turquoise, and more. If you have a glitter outfit, you must give the ripple hijab the chance to complement your
entire look. You may also wear the ripple hijab with a plain outfit.

Ripple Hijab

Necklace pattern hijab

Are you a fan of jewelry? If yes, then this alternative is the one you must try for. Necklace pattern hijabs are one of the most phenomenal types of hijabs ever.

Upon wearing, they look so luxurious and add to your glam quotient. These hijabs usually come in jersey fabric. The best part is you don’t need to go and purchase any add-on to accentuate your hijab styling. You just need to buy a necklace pattern hijab from Online Scarf Store, and voila, you are ready to steal the limelight. You have choices to style; you can wear it conventionally or set the hijab in a way that enhances atop your head.

square scarf

Square hijab

These types are effortless to wear, and you can honestly cover them around your head in absolutely no time. Not only do they look good, but they also feel good upon wearing.

Square hijabs have made their place in the fashion realm for quite a long time ago and still manage to secure their place in the future. They come in a variety and are completely fuss-free. You will find square hijabs in silk fabric, giving you a more refined look.

You can wear square hijabs in every event, whether formal or informal.

Jersey hijab

Headscarves made of jerseys have been the favorite of all times. The best part is that it comes in a plethora of varieties. The muted sheen in the fabric effuses a polished look irrespective of what you are pairing it with. Jersey scarves are soft and elastic, and they beautifully stretch, giving you an ample chance to play around with the fitting you want. More so, the fabric is durable, which means you can stay with one for a decent amount of time.

You can snug in the jersey hijab in almost every season as it goes well with every climate. Be it summer or winter, jersey hijab is a surefire way to flair your dressing. It goes unsaid that you can attain an effortlessly chic look with the type of hijab in question. The most vibrant colors of the scarves are beige, light brown, olive, teal, rose pink and light grey.

Tips To Save You From Getting Your Hands On Imperfect Hijab.

In continuation to our discussions, we thought to tell you the tips and tricks for buying a hijab that goes well with your personality. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Material Steps Up The Fashion Game!

Just don’t buy material that sits well and feels soft on the palm; rather, consider the place where you live and are going to wear that hijab. Since hijabs come in an array of materials, it is good to choose a suitable fabric.

Be Watchful While Opening Your Wallet!

As hijabs come at different price points depending on several factors, i.e., fabric, quality, and pattern, it becomes vital to be thoughtful while making the purchasing decision. The keynote is to compare the price ranges around different shops so that you may come up with an informed buying verdict. And, remember, not everything worth so high renders good quality.come in an array of materials, it is good to choose a suitable fabric.

You Must Be Knowledgeable At What Occasion You Are Going To Flaunt Your Hijab.

This is necessary to know for what purpose you are buying hijabs. Is it your best friend’s marriage ceremony? Is it going to be a formal event?
These questions will help you pick up the right hijab, or else you will buy something that will not compliment your occasion, resulting in losing pennies and control of other eyes.

If you are going to an informal event, we suggest fun patterned and glittery hijabs, while plain and solid color hijabs will work for formal occasions.

Ensure It Goes Well With Your Face Cut

Not only must the hijab be comfortable, but it also must look good on your head and face. You should always select a hijab that accentuates your face structure. There exist many hijab styles already on the market, so you can choose any that perfectly enhance your overall look. And, if you want to take your fashion game forward with shawls, you can do it too. There are many Shawls brands in Pakistan available to satisfy your longings.

Don’t Forget Hijab Accessories, If They Are Needed To Complete The Look You Want!

Sometimes the regular scarf pins don’t do wonders in creating your look, and you need some fancy pins for your scarf, especially if your scarf is solid colored. So, in the process of buying a hijab for you, don’t forget to buy accessories. The safest bet is to check the drawers to know if you have already run out of any essential hijab accessories.

PoshNLuxe Is Your Ultimate Destination For Ethereal Islamic Wears!

It is of no two opinions that the world is inclined towards embracing western design clothes, due to which it becomes challenging to find an online store to buy modest wear. If this sounds right up your alley, you are lucky to have Posh N Luxe for Islamic wearable shopping. With a variety of designs and extravagance in colors and patterns, you are literally spoilt for choices to make. Rest assured, your wardrobe will be cemented with only quality and long-lasting fabric. So, if you are willing to jazz up your closet with some modest dresses, it’s the right time to spend a few bucks on something that you have been missing out on lately. Be it a headscarf or an abaya, your urge to look prettiest while obligating the Islamic rules has now gotten our back!

Hijab Style for Oval Face

Do you see the length of your face is more than the width? Now see if the chin is slightly narrower than the head? And there’s a delicate edge at the end? Well, you are gifted with an oval face, a perfect complement for hijab styles.

We would recommend a variety of choices here, you can go with a tight or a loose, both kinds of hijab wraps. Furthermore, you will flaunt in all, an underscarf, scarf wrapped around the hairline, or a messy headscarf. In other words, the hijab style for the oval face can be totally your choice and you can play around as you want.

hijab style for oval face

Hijab Style for Long Face

The long-faced shape is another name for a rectangular face. You probably know if you’re in this tribe. A longer face with an equally broad forehead and jawline, with a slightly oval chin, is your perfect description.

You don’t need to be very specific about the way you carry a headscarf. But try focusing on the forehead. The best hijab style for the long face would be the one with underscarf or a hijab wrap covering half of the forehead.

Hijab Style Tip:

Adding volume around the forehead makes your cheeks and jawline look perfect.

hijab style for long face

Hijab Style for Diamond Face

Diamond face shape is very much similar to the heart-shape, except for the broad forehead. If you are a part of this group, your cheekbones will be enhanced, forehead and chin will be nearly similar in width.

Hijab style for this face shape looks best with a completely visible jawline. Try folding your hijab from the bottom. You can go with both, loose or tight hijab wrap but always avoid wearing an underscarf. Keep it simple! People with such ace shape can slay with the simplest looks!

hijab style for diamond face

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