The Best Hijab Material For This Winter

The Best Hijab Materials for this Winters

Hijabs are certainly the most valuable accessory women carry during winter. The worth is rarely noticed, but those who wear the right hijab material type can relate to the difference it makes.

Being a hijabi, we are sure you are familiar with the way Hijab Fabric keeps you warm, right? You don’t need a beanie cap or a winter cap. Your head is already covered with a layer of hijab and an underscarf. Isn’t that the warmest?!

There is no doubt, choosing the color of your hijab that matches perfectly with your outfit is one tough decision. And having that in a fabric that compliments the weather and your style is another.

To help you maintain the same graceful look, we thought of coming up with the following Hijab Material types that can flaunt your winter look.

Hijab Material Types for Winters

Whether you have just started practicing hijab or have been doing it for a long time, you must have your Favorite Hijab Fabric. We all have that. But assuming the fact that you haven’t tried others, don’t you think there should be a variation? The hijab trends keep changing, and so should your scarf materials because what works best in summers may or may not remain the same in winters.So, here’s the list of interests for all the hijabis.

Cotton Hijab Fabric

Cotton hijab fabric

Cotton hijabs are the go-to fabric for your casual outfits. Tucking them with pins is an additional option, otherwise, they stay exactly the same for as long as you want them to be. They are light in weight, and a cotton underscarf pairs well for that warm touch you’re looking for.

Winter outfits are more about dark colors in contrast to a much darker hijab or with the lightest shade. There is no in-between. And as far as cotton hijab material is concerned, they come in a wide variety, due to, obviously, being the most practical fabric.

If you are in a hurry, just grab a cotton hijab, cover the head, over to the shoulders, and you are done! On the contrary, you can come up with a few folds and layers that stay perfectly in order with a few pins for a semi-formal look.

Honestly, we all go a bit lazy during winters, and to have a hijab material that does not require a constant setting is a blessing! Isn’t it?!

Jersey hijab fabric

Jersey Hijab Fabric

Jersey hijabs are another “Comfort Material” for most women. If you have tried one, you know how lightweight yet versatile it is. You can wear it as a headscarf for the whole year.

Are you wondering already why we have put it second on the list of winter hijab outfits then? Well, because Jersey Hijab Fabric compliments the leather jackets so well that you don’t want anything else to see there. And leather jackets are the essence of winters! Getting the hints?!

Let’s come back to the hijab material type. A jersey hijab fabric is a form of cotton or polyester. You can style it differently, from a tight wrap (due to its stretchable quality) to a loose wrap left freely over the shoulders. Though it does not require a bunch of pins, yet to be surer about the fixed position, you can take it with a cotton underscarf.

pashmina hijab fabric

Pashmina Hijab Fabric

Pashmina Hijabs are solely meant for the winters, although there is no restriction, yet we recommend them as Winter Hijabs. This material is soft, warm, comfortable, and never goes out of Modern Hijab Style. Originally, this fabric is derived from Kashmir and maintains the same legacy. The Pashmina wool, it is made of, keeps you safe from extreme cold.

Whether it is about a formal look or casual, this hijab always pushes you in the spotlight. The distinctive texture of this fabric flaunts almost all the colors. It has a long life (with extensive care, obviously) and hence is expensive. And that is fair? Right? Investing in an exclusive hijab fabric that has a long life is practically the best decision.

Cashmere hijab fabric

Cashmere Hijab Fabric

Cashmere Hijab (also known as Kashmiri hijab) is very similar to wool and keeps the soft sensation alive for as long as you wear it as a headscarf. It is a much-refined form of Pashmina. The hijab material immensely differs from others with much “All-in-one” sort of qualities. How is that so?! Well, Cashmere is soft like cotton, warm like Pashmina, Stretchable like Jersey, and yet as Light as a Feather.

A same-colored cotton underscarf enhances the elegance of Cashmere hijabs as they are quite transparent. You can wear them on different occasions without worrying about formal or casual themes.

Another fascinating thing about this hijab material is that it keeps the body warm in winters and cold in summers. That means you do not have to stay away from cashmere hijab during summers, just in case this turns out to be your “Favorite”.



velvet hijab fabrics

Velvet Hijab Fabric

Who does not recognize velvet as a winter fabric? Everyone does!

But have you tried a Velvet Hijab yet? If you have, you are winning the hijab trends already.

Imagine the texture of velvet in the dark colors of winter paired with a lighter shade of dress? Velvet, like a hijab material, is more of formal wear and creates a royal aura. However, it is you who can stylize it as casual attire as well. Can’t you? With a plain white shirt and a pair of jeans?

A broader perspective can be carrying velvet material shawls as hijabs. They look graceful! If you have not tried them yet, try doing so.

So, winters are all about staying cozy and warming up yourself. Being a hijabi, you are open to a lot of trendy options. Whatever you carry reflects your personality, the color, and the hijab material, the contrast it sets with your outfit, all the details matter.

For an intact guide, we have enlisted the best hijab material types for winters and would love to assist more with a reliable resource for your shawls and scarves as well. If you tried any of the hijab fabric and found your new “Favorite”, let us know!

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